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These “Super Cows” Are Nothing Like The Cows You’ve Seen Before

These “Super Cows” Are Nothing Like The Cows You’ve Seen Before

Even though we tend to have our own picture of what a certain animal looks like, we know those descriptions don’t fit every type. Sure, we grew up associating cows with the classic black and white pattern, but it didn’t take us long to realize there are many different cow species that don’t match that image.

And yet, just when we think we have a clear picture of all the ways animals can differ within a family, something unusual comes along. Something that brings a whole new meaning to the word beefy.

And whether this cow leaves you in awe or horror, you’ll likely be clamoring to see it in action.

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There’s a good chance your beef comes from a cow like this.

The color may be a little different, but these are pretty much what beef cows look like, right?


But the way things are going, these new friends might be muscling in.

This is the Belgian Blue Cow and it’s a big hit with beef breeders.


And right away, you probably notice it looks like a super cow.

Their muscles are the envy of any bodybuilder and they make for excellent beef.

That’s because all that muscle means lean, tender beef.

They may be big, but they don’t have much fat to get in the way of your good eating.

But how did these cows come about?


You might think those enormous muscles seem unnatural.

And in a way, you’re right, but there’s more to it than that.


But before we did that, it all began with some gene mutation.

Muscle growth is usually kept under control by a protein called myostatin. But if the body can only make a little bit of it, you can see an animal bulk up just like the Belgian Blues do.