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Top quirky sex queries women have

Top quirky sex queries women have

Many women don’t get their sex doubts clarified for years because of limited access to reliable resources. (Photo: Facebook/ Fifty Shades of Grey)

Contrary to popular perception, women are as curious if not more about sex as men. But many don’t get their doubts clarified for years because of limited access to reliable resources. Sex expert and blogger Tracey Cox has over the years taken note of some of the most common questions that women have but are sometimes hesitant to ask about sex.

Is being wild and noisy in bed a bad thing?

Different people have different ways to express their sexual pleasure. While some like a good scream, there are others who like to remain quiet even when things are getting steamy. “Decide beforehand which category your new partner falls into and adjust accordingly. Another way to play it is to start quietly, then up the moans and groans and volume as you go along,” she advises.

Can vibrators make your sex life too dependent on them?

Tracey warns that using a vibrator too often can temporarily ‘desensitise’ one’s genitals that may make one unable to feel anything if their partner tries to stimulate them. The safest bet is to make sure that you don’t end up training your brain to only orgasm to this type of stimulation, she tells the Daily Mail.

Why does pregnancy suddenly intensify a woman’s sex drive?

That happens because of one reason: hormonal change. “Your body has such a high concentration of female and pregnancy hormones, your breasts and sex organs are more sensitive and responsive than they ever have been,” explains Tracy.