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Twitter slams ad for Baba Ramdev’s floor cleaner with ‘Holy Cow Urine’

Twitter slams ad for Baba Ramdev’s floor cleaner with ‘Holy Cow Urine’
People asked if their house will start smelling like cow urine (Photo: Twitter)

It’s been a great year for Baba Ramdev’s brand of products called Patanjali as it was dubbed the biggest disruptive force in the FMCG market in 2016 and witnessed a growth of 146% in a fiscal year.

After products like Patanjali noodles, jeans called Paridhaan and a line up of beauty products, Baba Ramdev introduced a disinfectant floor cleaner which is different because unlike other phenyl based products it uses cow urine and is aptly named Gonyle.

A print ad by Patanjali Ayurveda asked people to stop punishing their hands with phenyl but it was the composition that caught everyone’s attention as it listed “holy cow urine” among others. The promotion for the product was directly linked to the volatile issue of cow slaughter as it read, “Join the movement to save the cow, our holy mother,” and added “Let’s take a small initiative to free out motherland from the stigma of cow slaughtering.

The advertisement was slammed for using religious sentiments to sell a product as many trolled it saying if their houses will start smelling like cow urine and others wondering how urine of any animal can be a disinfectant.

While only time will tell Gonyle’s future in the market, the advertising campaign doesn’t seem to have gone down well with people, at least on the social media.