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Unique method used to cure liver cancer

Unique method used to cure liver cancer
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KOCHI: Doctors at Aster Medcity have used a rare treatment method to save the life of a 26-year-old Omani liver cancer patient. In the innovative procedure, radioactive isotope Rhenium-188 Lipiodol is infused to the inoperable the liver tumour. The substance injected directly emits radiation locally destructing the tumour cells. The procedure is found to be effective to reduce the tumour size which will help patients to go for the surgical procedure.

β€œThe therapeutic approach is helpful for patients who are unsuitable for surgery or other treatment methods. The procedure is well tolerated by patients with no associated side effects. It is done using interventional radiology technique,” said Dr Vijay Jayakrishnan, senior consultant. A multidisciplinary team of doctors performed the procedure.