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Video: Kerala man covers his face with 60,000 stinging bees

Video: Kerala man covers his face with 60,000 stinging bees
He is the son of an award winning beekeeper (Photo: YouTube)

Thrissur: Being stung by a bee can leave people in excruciating pain and hundreds of bees on the body might seem right out of a nightmare. But while most of us are scared of the very thought of it, some daredevils work with bees all around them and few go a step ahead.

A 21-year-old from Kerala’s Thrissur has been in the news for his spine chilling stunts which involves covering his face with 60,000 bees. Known as Nature M.S, he is the son of award winning beekeeper Sajayakumar, and grew up with the insects around him.

Nature says that he can also live his life like any other person with bees around him as he can read and dance with bees on his face. He started doing such stunts at the age of five and says that he doesn’t feel the sting as bees only playfully bite him.

Even though it may sound unnerving, Nature says he feels comfortable with bees around as he established a bond with them at a very young age. Despite being bitten by bees several times, he says he never felt pain. The bees also seem to feel the same as he says that the bond is mutual.

He has dedicated life to conservation of bees and describes the stunts as his effort to raise awareness among people and dispel the notion of bees as threatening. He is an agriculture student and hopes to do a PhD on beekeeping.

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