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Video shows Syrians using wet mud to treat girl burnt by deadly ‘Napalm bombing’

Video shows Syrians using wet mud to treat girl burnt by deadly ‘Napalm bombing’
A girl cries in pain after being burnt by Napalm air strikes ordered by Assad. (Photo: Twitter)

Hama: A distressing video of a young girl who was severely burnt during ‘Napalm bombing’ ordered by Syrian President Bashar al-Assad on the province of Hama, has emerged online.

The video footage starts with the young girl being carried by two men while they try to put some wet mud on her head, hands and rest of the body. The girl can be heard crying in pain as one of the men try to comfort her.

Shocking photos of the victims of ‘napalm bombing’ in Syria showed children with severe burns being carried to hospital.

Opposition parties said that civilians were recently targeted with deadly ‘napalm bombing’ that killed 25 people including six children.

Government warplanes hit the Syrian province of Hama killing several people and leaving many others with severe burns and injuries. Those injured in the ghastly bombing were taken to the nearby Syrian-American Medical Society hospital.

Doctors at the hospital said that they were applying polyester bandages to children which would mean that the injuries would get worse, instead of healing. However, due to shortage of medical supplies, they were forced to use polyester bandages.

While some injured children were treated upon at hospitals, others were taken care of by civilians who applied wet mud on them in an attempt to cool the burns. Since it was not possible to use water on the burns, civilians took to wet mud to provide some relief to the children.