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Video: Woman swallows $7000 cash to teach cheating husband a lesson

Video: Woman swallows $7000 cash to teach cheating husband a lesson
$5700 of the cash was recovered (Photo: YouTube)

Bogota: Cheating on one’s partner is the most devastating thing people can do to a relationship, but the effect on the other person can also give way to unexpected reactions. While such relationships usually come to an unpleasant end, some people go a step further when it comes to teaching their partner a lesson.

28-year-old Sandra Milena Almeida from Colombia hid her husband’s life savings as she was secretly planning to leave him after learning about his infidelity. When the husband found out about this, he tried to negotiate and keep half the money form the $7000 he had saved, but matters got out of hand.

Sandra simply swallowed all the rolled up bundles of cash after the altercation and was admitted to a hospital as x-ray showed that these small packets were causing a blockage between her stomach and intestines.

The doctors were able to bring out $100 notes from her stomach as $5700 was recovered after cleaning and drying notes while the rest of the cash was lost to gastric fluids.

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