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Watch: Anushka and Monica beautifically depict the impartial emotion of love

Watch: Anushka and Monica beautifically depict the impartial emotion of love
Stills from the video.

Mumbai: Love does not know and has never been able to learn the notorious act of discrimination, which, unfortunately, is the foundation of the society we live in. So, in an attempt to break free from the shackles of ‘same sex love’ phobia, two very bold personalities of Indian music and film fraternity have come together in a video that celebrates the otherwise tabooed concept of physical union between two sexually liberated women.

The video of the song, ‘Lay You Down’, directed by Navraz Eranee, is an attempt to promote LGBT community in the country.

Oblivious to the protocols of this highly judgmental society, both the singer-cum-actresses indulge in intense love-making and are seen happily dancing where dance is perhaps used as a metaphor for freedom of one’s body and soul.

Talking about this bold step she has taken, Anushka told Mumbai Mirror, “I told my father that I wanted to show him something and when I did, he exclaimed, “Woah, this is really beautiful!’ When I look back I realise that the only reason I can be so fearless about being a part of something so bold is because of family support.”

The video, which was shot in just 10 hours, has been viewed more than 4.5lac times in 3 days.

While Monica has raised more than 50 Lakh in a crowd-funding campaign supporting the LGBT rights, Anushka has featured in a feminist movie named ‘Angry Indian Goddesses’.

The video is unabashedly bold but not even a tad cringe-worthy. Only bravehearts like Monica and Anushka could have pulled this off. Kudos to you, ladies!

Here is this full video: