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Watch: Radhika Apte gets angry on journalist who asked about her ‘Parched’ sex scene

Watch: Radhika Apte gets angry on journalist who asked about her ‘Parched’ sex scene
Radhika Apte’s ‘Parched’ had released on 23 September.

Mumbai: Radhika Apte’s lovemaking scene with Adil Hussain from her recent film ‘Parched’ had leaked and gone viral even before the film’s trailer was out. While the controversy subsided later, a question about the scene at a media event got Radhika fuming. When a journalist asked her about the controversy that was created before the release of the film, and asked her whether it is necessary to become controversial to become successful, Radhika got extremely angry and gave him a piece of her mind.

She said, “Sorry, but your question is very ridiculous. Controversies are made by the people like you. You saw the clip, you shared with other people, you are the person… controversies are made out of.

I am an artist, if I am required to do a certain job then I will do it. If you get out of your cocoon and look at the world cinema and what people are doing abroad, what people are successfully doing, who are not ashamed of their bodies, you’ll probably not ask me this question. People who are ashamed of their bodies, have curiosity about other people’s bodies. So if you want to see a naked body tomorrow, look at yourself in the mirror or yourself rather than my clip.”

When later the journalist apologized about ‘hurting’ her, Radhika said, “I feel hurt? you need to get over yourself, you’ll get over it.”

Watch the video here: