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Watch: Youtube reviewers are in awe of Shivaay trailer!

Watch: Youtube reviewers are in awe of Shivaay trailer!
Screengrabs from ‘Shivaay’ trailer

Mumbai: As has been a growing trend, a bunch of videos come up whenever a film’s trailer releases, in which people watch the trailer, react and offer their views on it.

And the reactions to Ajay Devgn’s ‘Shivaay’ trailer, which has already registered over 15 million views, is definitely interesting.

Most of them confess to finding it difficult to pronounce ‘Shivaay’ or Ajay. Intermittent comments like ‘he’s got a big brow’, ‘great jewellery’ or ‘why are all cars are black or grey in car stunts’ are unintentionally hilarious. At the same time, some reviewers also call it too ‘computer graphic heavy’ or ‘is it real?’ or are baffled by the world of Bollywood, going, ‘is he indestructible?’.

However, most of them appreciated Ajay’s intense expressions, choreography of the action scenes and the cinematography. Some even termed it one of the best trailers they had seen, with words like ‘overwhelming’, ‘awesome’, frequently coming up and some even went to the extent of calling it better than the trailers of Hollywood films from the same genre. What was most strikingly uniform was the fact that most of them are eager to watch the film.

Watch the reactions here: