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‘Why are you misleading people’: Rangoli slams Farhan’s open letter

‘Why are you misleading people’: Rangoli slams Farhan’s open letter
Rangoli has been Kangana’s most vociferous supporter.

Mumbai: With the entire Hrithik Roshan-Kangana Ranaut ruckus grabbing national headlines all over again.

And one of Kangana’s staunchest and most vociferous supporters after she took to the media for some rejuvenated slandering prior to the release of her recent film ‘Simran,’ has been her sister Rangoli.

While Hrithik finally came out in the open to make his stand clear via his social media feeds and an exclusive television interview, the number of his supporters has exponentially been on the rise.

The most recent to make their support for him evident has been Farhan Akhtar, who’d directed Hrithik in ‘Lakshya’ and co-starred with him in ‘Luck By Chance’.

Farhan wrote an open latter, without naming the concerned parties, putting forward his reasons as to why he believed why Hrithik was being unfairly chastised.

Rangoli, who’s been criticing Hrithik left, right and centre on her Twitter feed, didn’t take the open letter lying down either, critiquing Farhan.

Well, the uninitiated public mind hasn’t been more confused in this public a spat as to whom to believe, and we can’t blame them.

A Bollywood movie on this, maybe?