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Woman gets pregnant twice in 10 days after having sex just once

Woman gets pregnant twice in 10 days after having sex just once
There are only 10 such medically documented cases (Photo: AFP)

Brisbane: Giving birth to a child can be an overwhelming experience, but there are some instances when it can turn out to be twice as special owing to certain rare situations. While failure to conceive can be frustrating, getting pregnant multiple times in a matter of days is nothing short of a miracle.

A woman from Brisbane, Australia found herself in a similar situation when she got pregnant twice just 10 days apart, owing to a rare medical condition called superfetation. The miracle followed years of hormone treatment after she had been diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome in 2006.

What’s more surprising is that the two pregnancies came by having sex just once as Kate Hill’s body had released another egg spontaneously which was fertilised by her husband’s sperm that had stayed alive inside for 10 days.

While women commonly don’t ovulate when they are pregnant, but Kate did ovulate owing to her rare condition. The children were born on the same day but both were non-identical and were different in size, weight and gestational development.

There are only 10 medically documented cases of this rare phenomenon in the world.