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Woman lets photographer set her wedding dress on fire for ‘perfect’ photo

Woman lets photographer set her wedding dress on fire for ‘perfect’ photo
The video of the Chinese bride shows her photographer lighting the fire but things take a turn for the worse unlike what they expected. (Photo: Youtube)

Weddings are the most important days for many people in their lives and there is nothing that will stop them from making it perfect with the best photographs. A bride however took her wedding photographs a little too seriously when she decided to do something dangerous that most of us wouldn’t think of even in our wildest dreams.

According to a media report, a Chinese bride recently told her photographer to take really good photographs of her in her wedding gown. However, in the excitement of the getting the perfect photographs, the bride and the photographer got a little too ambitious and the former let the latter burn her dress. The situation got worse as the fire couldn’t be controlled and it reached all the way up to her lower back before a woman standing nearby stepped in to douse the fire.

The video has now gone viral on social media and has over 17,000 views. It certainly looks like people can go to dangerous lengths in the name of the ‘perfect’ photograph.