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World’s most photographed tiger ‘Machli’ dies at 19 in Ranthambore

World’s most photographed tiger ‘Machli’ dies at 19 in Ranthambore
Machli was named after a fish shaped mark on her face (Photo: Facebook/Jungleadz)

One of the most spectacular and highly photographed animals in the world, a tigress called Machli has died in Ranthambore National Park, months after making headlines for being an icon of the region.

Named Machli after a mark on her face that resembled a fish, the tigress hadn’t eaten for days, and died at the age of 19. She had added $10 million a year to Ranthambore’s income for the past 10 years.


Machli was also known as Queen of Ranthabore (Photo: Facebook/Ranthambore National Park)

According to YK Sahu, Field Director of Ranthambore Tiger Reserve, Machli was found ill near a luxury resort.

Machli was also referred to as the “Queen of Ranthambore National Park”, and has documentaries, a Facebook page and a postal stamp dedicated to her. She was an internet sensation when she was filmed killing a 14 feet crocodile.


She was 19 and had slowed down due to age (Photo: AFP)

Machli will always be remembered for her spellbinding presence and valour with which she ruled the jungle.

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