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Business Outsourcing

Kryspi System - Process Information for Business Associates
Outsourcing and Marketing Partners required
We require Business Associates for marketing our products and outsourcing our process to IT and ITES based companies who are willing to join hands in our business process on a business development venture. The process is to create an environment of associations in the market of applications. Where we develop and bring in new application that becomes an item in the shopping basket for your customers.

Presentation Video
Business Opportunity on IT Based Business
We need business associates for distribution of IT based Products Income on recurring basis from
  1. Product sales & Renewals
  2. Outsource to sub-resellers
  3. Indirect sales & more
  4. Profit Margin upto 40% on product value.
  5. No software development skills required.
  6. Internet knowledge is enough.
  7. Payout: monthly Targets: as per working capacity(No targets).
  8. and more ...

Your starter kit contains
  1. Resellership for our premium products
  2. Webfront / website for your brand with Payment Gateway integrated
  3. White labelled panels [ popularize your brand with your logo and domain ]
    Your Logo Your Domain
  4. Control panel to manage your customers, orders & products and sub resellers
  5. Make your customers stick to you. Steady fixed income from regular customers [ renewals of products gives you further earning ]
  6. Forget your technical issues, we will manage your technical support requests.
  7. Add sub-resellers and expand your business
  8. Earnings
    • From direct product sale
    • Sub-reseller joinings
    • renewal of products by customers
    • sub-resellers sells a product
    • profit margin: minimum 20% to a maximum of 40% on product cost from direct sale, and 5% to 10% on indirect sale.
Reseller at a Glance

Examples: What will be your store products?
  • 20% to 40% Profit Margin on each product sale
  • Income on recurring basis from each customer on each product renewals
  • 20% to 40% Profit Margin on each sub-reseller registration and service purchase by sub-resellers
  • Payout is monthly
Doctor's Clinic Management System
  • Webfront/portal for the doctor
  • Control panel for the doctor to manage his
    • Patients
    • Prescriptions & Immunization Schedule
    • Tests/Investigations
    • Chambers
    • Appointments
    • Patient visits and reminders, etc
  • Control panel for patients for appointment schedule and prescription viewing
  • Control panel for doctor's assistants
  • Drug Information
  • Disease and symptom Information
Additional Features
  • Payment Gateway Integrated. Patients can pay doctor online
  • Online visit using webcam, etc
Training Institute Management System
  • Webfront/portal for the training institute
  • Control panel for the training institute to manage
    • Programs
    • Courses
    • Entrance & Scholarship Exams
    • Candidates & Students
    • Session, batch management and Term Exam
    • Fees payment and study center management
  • Control panel for students
  • Control panel for candidates
  • Control panel for web administrators
Additional Features
  • Payment Gateway Integrated. Students can pay the training institute online
  • Exam Form fill up
  • Exam Result publishing
  • Online fees payment, etc

RESELLER [For Business Associates]
Sell our products under your own Brand. Become a certified reseller and make your add-on business go live.


  • Payout: monthly
  • No Pressure on target. Make your own targets
  • Option for multiple and multi-levels of resellers
  • Fully customizable branding settings for all levels
  • Support for your customers, provided from our end
  • Increase your business via sub-resellers
  • No limit in to sub-resellers additions
  • Earn profit from customers, affiliates and sub resellers
  • Logo + domain branding
  • Payout division from down line: Basic Reseller[BR] (sale by sub-reseller)
    BR [5%] --> BR [5%] --> BR(seller) [20%]

  • Payout division from down line: Basic Reseller[BR] (sale by affiliate [customer])
    BR [5%] --> BR [5%] --> BR [5%] --> Affiliate[15%]

  • Payout division from down line: Premium Reseller[PR] (sale by sub-reseller)
    PR [10%] --> BR [5%] --> BR(seller) [20%]

  • Payout division from down line: Premium Reseller[PR] (sale by affiliate [customer])
    PR [10%] --> BR [5%] --> BR [5%] --> Affiliate(seller)[15%]
  • Payout Slab:
Basic Reseller [Sub-Reseller]
Premium Reseller [Top Level]
Basic Branding (sub-domain)
Logo + Domain Branding
Profit margin on direct sale
Royalty from sub-resellers' sales
3 Level + (1 Affiliate)
3 Level + (1 Affiliate)
Royalty on indirect sale
Control Panel
Contract Period
Commercial On Renewal Basis
Commercial On Renewal Basis
  • ID Proof of the Business Owner
  • Business: Proof of existence
  • Business: Address Proof
  • Business: Pan Card
  • Business: Bank Account

Tutorial Videos

Account & Panel Demo

Account Management

Reseller Login

URL: http://resellers.kryspi.com
Username: demoreseller
Password: 123abc!@#
Customer Login

URL: http://democustomer.kryspi.com
Username: democustomer
Password: 123abc!@#
Agent Login

URL: http://agent.kryspi.com
Username: demoagent
Password: 123abc!@#

Doctor's Clinic Management System

Doctor Panel

URL: http://demodoctorpanel.kryspi.com
Username: demodoctor
Password: 123abc!@#
Doctor Website

URL: http://demodoctor.kryspi.com
Doctor's Assistant Panel

URL: http://demoassistant.kryspi.com
Username: demoassistant
Password: 123abc!@#
Patient Panel

URL: http://demopatient.kryspi.com
Username: demopatient
Password: 123abc!@#
Prescription Panel

URL: http://demopatient.kryspi.com
Patient Id: 438991
Prescription Id: 537458

Training Institute Management System

Institute Admin Panel

URL: http://demoinstiadmin.kryspi.com
Username: demoinstitute
Password: 123abc!@#
Institute Website

URL: http://demoinstitute.kryspi.com
Institute WebAdmin Panel

URL: http://instiwebadmin.kryspi.com
Username: demowebadmin
Password: 123abc!@#
Student Zone

URL: http://demostudent.kryspi.com
Student ID: 235467
Date of Birth: 1997-11-01
Candidate Zone

URL: http://democandidate.kryspi.com
Candidate ID: 848454
Date of Birth: 1997-01-02

Web Hosting

CPanel Hosting

URL: server-01.publicsecureservers.com:2083
Username: demowebs
Password: 123abc!@#
Nginx Hosting on Virtualmin

URL: server-03.publicsecureservers.com:3601
Username: demowebs
Password: 123abc!@#

How to proceed?
To proceed please send your profile to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Visit us at https://kreationnext.com
For more information you may also visit http://kreationnext.kryspi.com

Support & Updates
  • All support requests from you or your customers, we will take care of them
  • All updates and upgrades of the system are free. No additional costs involved
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