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Nginx - High speed website hosting Maximum Savings Lightning Speed Network Apache + Nginx Superfast Hybrid Server FREE SSL SEcurity For Life
Nginx Powered Website

What you get for FREE

Features Market Price(Approx) Your Cost
SSL Certificate
E-commerce websites must have an SSL certificate for payment gateway processing and gaining trust from customers
Rs.2500/USD $39 per year FREE
Apache+Nginx Hybrid Server
Apache gives full of control on the content and nginx makes your website super fast
Rs.4000/USD $60 per year FREE
Online Store Hosting
Online store is different from normal websites. It request much more resource and security
Rs.12000/USD $180 per year FREE*
External Email Delivery Servers
2 External email delivery servers with 15+ IP addresses on each server for scanning spam and virus
Rs.40000/USD $350
per year per server
IPv4 and IPv6 enabled website
Increase the speed of your website with 1 IPv4[for users] and 1 IPv6 [for users | social sharing | google bots]
Rs.2000/USD $30 per year FREE

*FREE for 30 days. Renewal @ Rs. 699/USD $9.99 per month

Free SSL Certificate

About your CMS

  • Wordpress: worlds most popular and the most easy to use control panel
  • Themes: 5+ most popular themes for e-commerce installed. Also you have the facility to use a different one from 1000s of themes
  • Plugins: Essential plugins installed by default to maintain security, prevent from unauthorized access, and activate different options on your online store
  • Payment Gateway: India's 2 most popular payment gateways added. Though you can install others if required. PayPal also integrated by default for international sale
  • Social Media: Plugin installed for sharing and increasing your sales
  • Search Engine Optimization: Plugin installed for generating sitemaps automatically whenever you change anything on your site. You can submit the sitemap xml file to Google, Yandex, Bing, etc.
  • Cache and GZip: Cache is enabled to make your website faster. Gzip enabled to reduce the size and send the content faster to your customers
Free Online Store Free Wordpress E-commerce Website

Easy setup

  • Configure your domain: You can get it from us or anywhere else or use your existing domain. Setup the name server to the following values:
    • dns1.publicsecureservers.com
    • dns2.publicsecureservers.com
    • dns3.publicsecureservers.com
    • dns4.publicsecureservers.com
  • Initial Setup:
    • Enter your site details
    • Activate all the plugins
    • Choose your website theme
  • E-mail Settings: Provide your email settings and configure it on your desktop/mobile
    • Incoming: hostname: server-03.publicsecureservers.com | Post: 995 | Security: SSL/TLS
    • Outgoing: hostname: server-03.publicsecureservers.com | Post: 465 | Security: SSL/TLS
    • Email Address: [email protected]
  • Products: Add your products, give a description and price
  • Payment Gateway: Setup your payment gateway credentials
Nginx Reverse Proxy for Apache

That's all ...Start selling happy earning...

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Start your website / online store running for FREE with FREE SSL certificate for life. IPv4 + IPv6 enabled hosting on Nginx + Apache hybrid server with enhanced performance built with the highest security level for your sites

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