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Bing Ads Editor For Mac Is On The Way, Really

Bing Ads Editor For Mac Is On The Way, Really

Here’s a sentence I was beginning to think I’d never write: Bing Ads Editor for Mac is coming soon. It has been built and is ready for beta testing.

Bing Ads announced the news and gave a demo of the latest version at an industry event in Redmond, WA, Thursday. Mac users have been begging for a version of the desktop editor tool they could use to manage their Bing Ads campaigns for years.

Some Mac users resorted to backup PCs, while untold numbers certainly opted out of doing much with Bing Ads at all as a result of not being able to easily manage campaigns. Why Bing waited this long still is not clear, but the awkward excuse-making is over.

The Mac version of Bing Ads Editor will even come with a newly designed user interface and new features.

Users will be able to manage multiple accounts and download campaign data for multiple accounts simultaneously from the accounts manager window. Individual accounts can be opened in separate windows, and drag-and-drop and copy-and-paste will work across accounts.

Updated navigation puts things like location targets and sitelinks accessible within one click from the account window and shows the number of entities of each type. It looks a lot like the navigation in AdWords Editor 11.

That new, somewhat updated UI — created with aesthetically astute Mac users in mind — will eventually be rolled out to the PC version of Bing Ads Editor. Bing Ads’ Dare Objasnjo said the engineering team is aiming for parity between the two editors within a year of the Mac version going live.

So when is the Mac version going to be available? All users will be able to download it by early summer 2016. Ahead of the general release, there will be an open beta period starting sometime early next year. Stay tuned for details.

The intro video: