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Bing Maps Challenge: Try Silverlight Version, Maybe Win $100

Microsoft wants people to download (or update Sliverlight) so they can use the new and improved Bing Maps. To create that incentive, as well as to get people to explore the new Bing Maps, Microsoft is offering chance to win a $100 gift card as part of the “Bing Maps Challenge.”


The challenge game takes users through a timed, multiple choice quiz with four detailed questions about New York that require exploration of specific locations and the use of Street Side imagery. Here’s an example: “When you get to the museum, look up above the main entrance. What exhibit is being promoted over the main entrance?”


If you get the question wrong you’re offered a video tutorial on how to use Bing Maps:


At the end you’re prompted to enter the drawing (regardless of how many you answered correctly) and shown the leaderboard. You’re also invited to share/tweet your score.


I was able to answer three out of our correctly without actually going to the specified locations (but I was a little pressed for time).

This giveaway, on a smaller scale, is similar to Microsoft’s cashback incentive to use Microsoft’s shopping site. But if you really want to get attention and get people to install Silverlight why not offer an all-expense-paid trip to New York?