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Bing Native Ads Rollout Gains Steam: Support Coming To Bing Ads Editor

Bing Native Ads Rollout Gains Steam: Support Coming To Bing Ads Editor

Bing Ads is rolling out a new update for Bing Ads Editor that includes editing support for native ad bidding.

First announced in February 2015, Bing native ads are in beta, but they are becoming more widely available to more accounts in the US. The fact that Editor is now getting support is a good signal that the rollout is speeding up.

Native ads extend Bing search ads to content on US users can currently find examples like the one below in many articles on At this time, the ads are sometimes introduced with “Recommended for you” and always slugged with “Sponsored.”


In other cases, you might see an ad with the company name and a line of promo text like this example:


Advertisers control their native ad exposure on with bid modifiers at the campaign and ad group levels. Native ad bid adjustments can range from -100 percent — if you want to opt-out of native ads altogether — to +900 percent above the desktop bid.

The introduction of native ads is part of a larger effort to deliver greater scale for Bing Ads advertisers. Other avenues include syndication deals with AOL, The Wall Street Journal and other sites, and more fundamentally, the integration of Bing throughout Microsoft properties, including Windows 10.

The update to BAE is rolling out “gradually” in the US, says Bing, which makes sense, since everyone doesn’t have native ads access yet. Keep an eye out for it if you don’t see it right away.

For a full rundown of the latest BAE updates, check out the blog post.