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Bing to censor in the EU for Right To Be Forgotten searches

Bing to censor in the EU for Right To Be Forgotten searches

Bing announced today it has updated its policy around Right To Be Forgotten requests in the EU.

According to the announcement, Right To Be Forgotten material in the EU will be censored even on, a change from its past policy around RTBF requests.

Previously, Bing removed material from its country-specific versions, such as for France, or for the United Kingdom. However, people in those countries who went to would still find Right to be Forgotten material.

With the policy updates, that is no longer the case.

Going forward, in addition to this practice, Bing will also use location-based signals (e.g., IP addresses) to delist the relevant URL on all versions of Bing, including, for any user accessing Bing from the European country where the request originated. For example, if someone in France successfully requests delisting of a URL on Bing, in addition to delisting that URL from all applicable European versions of Bing, Bing will now also delist that URL for all searches of that person’s name — regardless of what version of Bing is being used — if the search originates from a location within France.

Bing Search Blog

Bing added that these changes will be applied to all valid European RTBF requests, including requests made prior to the policy updates.