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CouchDB vs MongoDB

CouchDB and MongoDB both are popular NoSQL databases. MongoDB provides consistency and partition tolerance while CouchDB provides availability and partition tolerance.

Let’s see the differences between them in a tabular form:

Index CouchDB MongoDB
1) CouchDB is written in Erlang. MongoDB is written in C++.
2) CouchDB is very well designed and very intuitive. It uses an http rest based interface. MongoDB uses a binary protocol.
3) CouchDB is safer than MongoDB. MongoDB is faster than CouchDB.
4) CouchDB is little bit complex. It can do queries by id without using any map-reduce functions. MongoDB is simple and it is like MySQL with its SQL-esque query structure.
5) CouchDB is preferred where occasionally changing data is occurred or predefined queries are to be run. MongoDB is preferred if you need dynamic queries.
6) CouchDB supports master-master replication as well as master-slave replication. MongoDB supports master-slave replication only.
7) Triggers are available in CouchDB. Triggers are not available in MongoDB.
8) CouchDB doesn’t store data in JSON format. MongoDB serializes JSON data to BSON.
9) CouchDB is preferred when you need an ultimate single server durability. MongoDB is preferred when you have big data set that needs sharding while maintaining huge throughput.
10) CouchDB doesn’t provide as many as querying options like MongoDB. MongoDB provides more querying options than CouchDB. Indexing data is also simpler in MongoDB.