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Google Allows Store-Exclusive “Nearby” Product Listing Ads On Desktop

Google Allows Store-Exclusive “Nearby” Product Listing Ads On Desktop

The ability to advertise locally-available products on Google via local product listing ads on mobile and desktop devices has been available since last fall.

However, only on mobile devices could retailers promote items that were just available in-store. Now, Google has unofficially announced that this functionality is being extended to desktop to allow advertisers to promote in-store only products across all devices.

VentureBeat pointed out the subtle but important change after Bloomberg reported on the service.

“Based on positive feedback,” a Google spokesperson told VentureBeat, “we’re now enabling retailers to show store-exclusive products on desktop — a feature so far limited to mobile. In addition, we’re also expanding local inventory ads internationally, beginning with UK, France, Germany, Japan and Australia.”

Google extended its Google Shopping Express program, which partners with retailers to offer local delivery of products ordered online, to both coasts and is investing heavily in the service. But, the company faces steep competition from Amazon in the local product market. Amazon now has its same-day delivery service in ten cities.