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Google: AMP Not Yet A Search Ranking Signal

Google: AMP Not Yet A Search Ranking Signal

John Mueller, a Google Webmaster Trends Analysts, said this morning in a Google Hangout, at the 15:50 mark into the video, that AMP is not yet a ranking signal in the Google search ranking algorithm.

We reported in December that AMP might become a ranking signal, but clearly, that has not happened yet.

John Mueller said, “Is AMP a ranking signal? At the moment, it is not a ranking signal.”

He went on to explain that you can use AMP to become mobile-friendly, but AMP itself is not a ranking signal.

AMP launched early on Tuesday and only shows in the mobile search top news box. Google likely plans to expand AMP beyond the news box, and when it does, I can see it becoming a ranking signal then. But until then, I doubt it makes sense to make it a ranking signal — that is, until it is used in the core mobile web search results.