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Google App Indexing Statistics & Errors Being Emailed To Webmasters

Google App Indexing Statistics & Errors Being Emailed To Webmasters

Google is now providing statistics and error notifications to webmasters who have deployed App Indexing via emails from Google Webmaster Tools.

Google App Indexing Error Notifications:

A couple weeks ago, Google began sending notifications to webmasters who have errors in their app indexing submission feeds. The emails read “Fix app deep links to [URL HERE] that don’t match the content of the web pages.” Sunny K. Ujjawal received one of these errors and shared a screen shot on Google+:


This email aims to drive webmasters into Webmaster Tools to load the reporting that helps them identify the errors with their app indexing configuration.

Google App Indexing Statistics Emails:

In addition to the error notifications being sent via email, Google just started sending data about how well their apps are performing in the Google search results as a result of their App Linking efforts. The stats contain data on the past week, including the impressions and clicks the app content received.

Andrea Pernici received one of these notifications and shared a picture of it on Google+:


As you can see, Google is driving more awareness about the power of app linking for your Android apps, hoping to encourage these webmasters to implement them on more apps.