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Google Experimenting With Search-History “Topics” In Google Now Cards

Google Experimenting With Search-History “Topics” In Google Now Cards

Google Operating System reports on a potentially new feature for Google Now (Android 4.1 and higher). None of us here could duplicate it. As described, it clusters users’ search histories into topics that can easily be searched again (see image below “explore more”).

I’ve noticed versions of this on my Android devices in the past. For example, I was looking for hotels in Montreal, Canada, and a Google Now card later encouraged me to search more for the same information. It’s a “passive” way to get people to initiate more mobile search queries.

Below is a topic image page (via GOS). Reportedly, there’s also a Web page (not working) that organizes and houses all Google Now “topics.”


Functionally, it appears to be a kind of mix of “alerts” and search history packaged up with images. Again, I wasn’t able to duplicate the functionality, but could imagine it being very useful. I would also imagine it combines users’ desktop and mobile search histories together.

Google Now is an imperfect but increasingly meaningful tool for Android users. I have come to rely upon it for certain types of information (weather, in particular). And, like other areas of mobile search, Google Now presents more structured data rather than the conventional page of links to third party content.