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Google Improves Handwrite Your Search Feature

About six months ago, Google introduced handwritten searching via your smartphone device. Instead of typing, speaking or taking a picture of your query – Google allowed you to write the query on the Google home page with the tip of your finger.

It worked pretty well but it was not perfect and is still not perfect. But Google announced that today searching by handwriting your query is a little better than yesterday.

Google made three improvements:

(1) Fast Alternatives To Letters:

Sometimes a lowercase “L” might look like a “1” or a capital “I” and with other languages, this may happen more often. Now, when a character can be interpreted as a few other characters, Google will show the alternative characters above the space bar for you to quickly click on and change the character. Here is a picture:


(2) Overlapping Letters:

On smartphone devices, there is only so much space to write your query. Often as you wrote, the screen real estate would run out leaving you with a portion of your query being searched on. Now, Google lets you overlap the characters you write on top of characters already written. So you never run out of space, you just scribble on top of your existing scribble.

(3) Chinese Character Improvements:

Writing Chinese when this first launched required you to write a single character at a time. Now, you can write more than one character at a time on a single line.