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Google Now Supports Rich Snippets For Movie Reviews

Google Now Supports Rich Snippets For Movie Reviews

Google announced they now support a new form of rich snippets and schema for “critic reviews.”

When you search for movies on desktop or mobile, you may see a new set of Knowledge Graph cards come up at the top of the Google results, with information from movie critics.

Jonathan Wald from Google said:

With the recent launch of critic reviews in the Knowledge Graph, we’ve leveraged this technology to once again provide publishers with an opportunity to increase the discoverability and consumption of their reviews using markup. This feature, available across mobile, tablet, and desktop, organizes publishers’ reviews into a prominent card at the top of the page.

Here is a picture:


Google said this feature is currently live for movies, but they hope to expand it for TV shows and books later this year.

To mark up your Web pages to support these critic reviews, you can review these technical guidelines on the proper schema required.