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Google publishes best practices for search engine-friendly Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)

Tom Greenaway, a developer advocate at Google, published on the Google Webmaster Blog their first best practices and recommendations for how to get your Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) indexed and discovered, and potentially ranked, in the Google search results.

Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) is a web technology that lets you use modern web technologies to make application-like experience for mobile and desktop devices without publishing a native iOS or Android app. Google is a leading force behind it; you can learn more about it over here.

Google’s blog post is a “checklist” of items developers should review to ensure their PWAs can be indexed by Google. Here is the outline, but you can learn more at the Google blog:

  • Provide Clean URLs
  • Specify Canonical URLs
  • Design for Multiple Devices
  • Develop Iteratively
  • Use Progressive Enhancement
  • Test with Search Console
  • Annotate with structured data
  • Test with Multiple Browsers
  • Measure Page Load Performance