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Google Says No Panda Update Happened This Past Weekend

Google Says No Panda Update Happened This Past Weekend

There was a lot of speculation over the weekend, starting off on Friday morning and going through the weekend that there may have been a Panda or other Google update. Many SEOs and webmasters were asking if this was Panda related or something else.

I asked Google about it and they said no update happened over the weekend. Not just that there wasn’t a Panda update over the weekend, but there was no update over the weekend. Not Penguin, not top heavy, not any algorithm update.

Even after Google sent us the statement, there are still webmasters and SEOs not believing it. See the comments over here:

From where I stand, I see changes (sessions -10% to -20% and Serps variations) on 10 sites (10 countries) during the w-end. May not be panda updates, but something happened.

The webmaster and SEO discussion around this non Google update is still going on, and many webmasters are not understanding how there couldn’t have been an update.

Maybe this is related to other Google ranking changes that Google won’t disclose? It is hard to say but Google did say on record that there was no weekend update.

Postscript: We have an update, read our story named The Quality Update: Google Confirms Changing How Quality Is Assessed, Resulting In Rankings Shake-Up.