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Google shares tips on using AMP for e-commerce

Google shares tips on using AMP for e-commerce

Google posted a “journey” of how a developer can use AMP (accelerated mobile pages) to build out their e-commerce webpages. Google said, “AMP is a natural fit for e-commerce because AMP makes webpages fast, and fast pages help with purchase conversions.”

Google provided examples of how to build out your e-commerce site using AMP. That means from the home page all the way down to the purchase phase, which technically will take the user off AMP and onto HTML or Progressive Web App (PWA), which would offer a better user experience for the user.

The AMP blog documented designing your home page, browse pages, landing pages, related product widgets and product pages with AMP. It also explained how you can use amp-access to personalize and customize the content to the user who is on your site. Then, if you are using PWA for your site, you can use the amp-install-serviceworker to “install a service worker for your domain regardless of where the user is viewing the AMP page. You can then preemptively begin caching content from your PWA so that when the transition out happens, all of the needed content is cached, keeping the experience fast and the customer engaged,” Google said.

Of course, SEOs are thinking, should we take our e-commerce sites AMP? Of course, eBay is testing AMP.

For more technical details on going retail with AMP, see this blog post.