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Google: The Mobile Friendly Algorithm Has Fully Rolled Out

Google: The Mobile Friendly Algorithm Has Fully Rolled Out

Google has confirmed with me that the mobile friendly algorithm is now fully rolled out to all data centers and fully in place.

Gary Illyes from Google confirmed this on Twitter saying “the algo is rolled out” when I asked him on Twitter “is the Google Mobile algorithm fully rolled out?”

I asked because even as of this morning, over 1.5 weeks since the April 21st launch that webmasters weren’t seeing significant changes in the mobile results, even as of this morning. But it is fully rolled out.

Gary added a caveat:

Not all pages were reindexed yet so they don’t have the new scores. Yet.

Also, there were a load of sites that became MF recently, so the actual number of sites affected decreased considerably.

So while the tracking companies and webmasters are not seeing all that much of a difference in the mobile Google results, some are indeed noticing slight changes in the mobile search results.

Will things in Google’s mobile search results change even more over the next couple weeks? I doubt it. I suspect what we see today is going to be the ‘worst’ of this mobilegeddon.

For more on this topic, see our Google Mobile Friendly FAQs.