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Google’s New Mobile Guidelines Focus On Delivering Content In Less Than A Second

That’s about how long it took you to read the two words above, and it’s also the focus of Google’s latest advice for webmasters when it comes to developing mobile websites.

The company has published new guidelines that emphasize why sites should deliver above-the-fold content in less than a second. The emphasis there is on the “above-the-fold” aspect; Google isn’t suggesting that entire mobile web pages should be delivered that quickly.

“…the whole page doesn’t have to render within this budget, instead, we must deliver and render the above the fold (ATF) content in under one second, which allows the user to begin interacting with the page as soon as possible. Then, while the user is interpreting the first page of content, the rest of the page can be delivered progressively in the background.”

Simultaneous to the new guidelines, Google has also updated its PageSpeed Insights Tool, which now focuses on the mobile scoring and suggestions ahead of the desktop scoring and includes updates scoring and ranking criteria.