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How To Install Managing News On Ubuntu

Managing News is an RSS/Atom based news tracker with search, republishing and mapping. This tutorial shows how to install Managing News on an Ubuntu server.

Configure MySQL

Create database:

mysqladmin create [database]

Access MySQL:

mysql -u root -p[password]

Grant manipulation privileges to the database:

ON [database].*
TO ‘[database_username]’@’localhost’ IDENTIFIED BY ‘[password]’;

Flush the grant tables (same as reload):

flush privileges;


Download Managing News

Type this command:


After download has finished, extract the file by typing this command:


After finish extracting the file, move the file to /var/www/ folder by typing:

mv managingnews-1.2/* /var/www/


Install Managing News

Go to the /var/www/sites/default/ folder and copy the default.settings.php to settings.php:

cd /var/www/sites/default/
cp default.settings.php settings.php

Then, change write permission of settings.php:

chmod a+w settings.php

In the same folder (/var/www/sites/default/ folder), create a files directory:

mkdir files

Then, change write permission of files directory:

chmod a+w files

Open your browser and type: http://YOURIPADDRESS/install.php

Choose profile: Click on install Managing News.

Set up database: Fill in the name of the database you created, database username and the database password.

Then, click “Save and continue” button.

Go to the /var/www/sites/default/ folder and remove write permission of settings.php:

cd /var/www/sites/default/
chmod a-w settings.php

Then, go back to the previous folder which is /var/www/sites/ folder and remove write permission of default folder:

cd ..
chmod a-w default

Configure site: Fill in Site name and Site e-mail address in “Site Information”section.

Configure site: Fill in Username, E-mail address, Password, Confirm password in “Administration account” section.

Configure site: Select for Default time zone, click Enabled for Clean URLs, and click Check for updates automatically for Update notifications in “Server settings” section.

Then, click “Save and continue” button.