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HTML Heading

A HTML heading or HTML h tag can be defined as a title or a subtitle which you want to display on the webpage. When you place the text within the heading tags <h1>………</h1>, it is displayed on the browser in the bold format and size of the text depends on the number of heading.

There are six different HTML headings which are defined with the <h1> to <h6> tags.

h1 is the largest heading tag and h6 is the smallest one. So h1 is used for most important heading and h6 is used for least important.

See this example:

  1. <h1>Heading no. 1</h1>
  2. <h2>Heading no. 2</h2>
  3. <h3>Heading no. 3</h3>
  4. <h4>Heading no. 4</h4>
  5. <h5>Heading no. 5</h5>
  6. <h6>Heading no. 6</h6>



Heading no. 1

Heading no. 2

Heading no. 3

Heading no. 4

Heading no. 5
Heading no. 6

Heading elements (h1….h6) should be used for headings only. They should not be used just to make text bold or big.

Supporting Browsers

Element chrome_browser Chrome ie_browser IE firefox_browser Firefox opera_browser Opera safari_browser Safari
<h1> to <h6> Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes