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Installing Firefox 4.0 (.deb Package) On Ubuntu 10.10

In this short guide I will show you how you can install the new Mozilla Firefox 4.0 browser (released March 22, 2011) on an Ubuntu 10.10 desktop. Fortunately, there’s a Launchpad PPA repository that has Firefox 4.0 .deb packages, so we can easily install it through Ubuntu’s package manager.

I do not issue any guarantee that this will work for you!


1 Adding The Firefox 4.0 PPA Repository To Our Software Sources

Open the Ubuntu Software Center (Applications > Ubuntu Software Center):


In the Ubuntu Software Center, go to Edit > Software Sources…:


Type in your password:


In the Software Sources window, go to the Other Software tab and click on the Add… button:


You are prompted to fill in the APT line of the Firefox 4.0 repository – enter the following line and click on the Add Source button:


Back in the Ubuntu Software Center, you should see that Ubuntu package database is being updated (it says In Progress in the left column).

Close the Ubuntu Software Center afterwards.

2 Installing Firefox 4.0

Now open the Update Manager (System > Administration > Update Manager):

In the Update Manager, there should be updates listed for Firefox (under Other updates (LP-PPA-mozillateam-firefox-stable)). Check them all and click on Install Updates:

Type in your password:

Afterwards, the Firefox updates are being downloaded and installed:

3 Launching Firefox 4.0

Now start Firefox.

When Firefox 4.0 is started for the first time, it will check if the currently installed Firefox add-ons are compatible. If incompatible add-ons are found, you can check for updates by clicking on the Check Now button:

However, it is possible that no compatible updates are found for your add-ons – in this case Firefox 4.0 will check periodically and inform you when compatible updates are available. Click on Finish to finally start Firefox 4.0:

This is how Firefox 4.0 looks:

To check if this really is Firefox 4.0, go to Help > About Firefox:

As you see, this is version 4.0:

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  • Firefox Stable Channel Packages:
  • Ubuntu: