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Like Moz, Raven Tools refocuses on its first love: search

Like Moz, Raven Tools refocuses on its first love: search

Yesterday, Seattle-based Moz announced it was laying off more than a quarter of its staff and refocusing the company on “what we love and what our customers value from us: search.”

At the same time, Nashville-based Raven Tools has announced it is similarly refocusing on its original specialty of search optimization, by releasing a completely rebuilt, standalone version of its Site Auditor tool.

It is designed to improve SEO by spidering and then identifying website problems at a code level, allowing the recommendations to be quickly shared for team members to fix.

Co-founder and president Jon Henshaw told me that when the company was originally founded in 2007 as a marketing agency, its first software development was oriented around search engine optimization. Early products focused on tracking traffic from organic search and search results ranking.

“Then,” he said, “we got ambitious because of our success, [and decided to] make a suite that does everything.”