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Live: Google Launches AMP Listings In Mobile Search Results, For Some

Live: Google Launches AMP Listings In Mobile Search Results, For Some

Google’s launch of accelerated mobile pages in its search results appears to have started a day earlier than expected. People are now reporting AMP listings showing in the mobile search results.

I can see these, and I’ve seen many reports from others, though not all of our Search Engine Land editors are able to replicate them. They do appear to be rolling out widely, however. We have a question out to Google for confirmation.

To see if you have the new AMP search results, try a search on for any query that triggers a news box, such as trump, google, waze or obama.

Here are screen shots from my iPhone 6S showing the AMP icon in the Google mobile news carousel:


Here is another format not in the news carousel but in the news listing format:


Here is a screen shot showing this article showing up in the news carousel as AMP:


We expected AMP to go live tomorrow, February 24, according to Advertising Age sources, but I guess Google moved it up a day, and now it is live.

AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages, a project backed by Google that has gained support from publishers, platforms like Twitter, analytics tools and today, from advertising networks and platforms.

By the way, next week at Search Engine Land’s SMX West search conference in San Jose, we have a special “Getting AMPed: What You Need To Know About Accelerated Mobile Pages & Google” session, including a speaker from Google, to cover all your questions. So come on out!