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MariaDB vs MySQL

The main goal of MariaDB development is to be a drop in replacement of MySQL to provide greater features and better performance. MariaDB is based on corresponding version of MySQL. It means, MariaDB version is released after the release of MongoDB corresponding version with some added bug fixes, additional storage engines, new features, and performance improvements.

Following is a list of differences between them:

Index MariaDB MySQL
1) MariaDB is purely open-source. MySQL uses dual licensing model.
2) MariaDB is released under GPL, LGPL, or BSD. MySQL is released under the term of GNU (General Public License).
3) It is true that MariaDB is growing day by day but it has yet to prove itself. MySQL is the most used database worldwide right now.
4) The future of MariaDB is uncertain because it was developed by a small company. MySQL was developed by oracle corporation which is not a new name in the field of database.
5) Password complexity plugin feature is not available in MariaDB. Password complexity plugin feature is available in MySQL.
6) Memcached interface is not available in MariaDB yet. Memcached interface is not available in MySQL

MariaDB advantages over MySQL

Following are the main advantages of MariaDB over MySQL:

  • MariaDB has less number of warnings and bugs because it fixes as many bugs as possible and try to ensure that no new bugs are introduced.
  • It has truly open source and vibrant development environment.
  • It is quicker and having more transparent security releases.
  • It performs better testing and removes invalid tests.
  • It has more cutting edge features and more storage engines.
  • It is getting popular day by day.
  • It is compatible and very easy to migrate to MariaDB from MySQL.
  • All the close source features of MySQL Enterprise edition is find in MariaDB open source version.

MySQL advantages over MariaDB

  • It was initially released in 1995. So, it has 20+ years of experience, reliable, trusted and one of the most popular database.
  • MySQL provides password complexity plugin that is not found in MariaDB.
  • MySQL has Memcached interface while MariaDB has not.