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Moz launches comprehensive keyword research tool “Keyword Explorer”

Moz launches comprehensive keyword research tool “Keyword Explorer”

Moz, a leader in search and digital marketing tools, has officially launched their foray into keyword research. Dubbed “Keyword Explorer” (or KWE), the goal of the tool is to take users through the entire research process while providing metrics and scoring to aid users in their keyword selection.


This tool has a few unique traits that may make it stand out over other offerings on the market:



  • Spans the full keyword process
    Keyword Explorer starts in the discovery of keywords ideas and helps users filter the queries and prioritize them. Keywords can be added to different lists and categorized for quick sorting.
  • Accurate data
    Thanks to the use of anonymized clickstream data from nearly one million real searchers, Moz estimates that the search volume range of the data has roughly 95 percent accuracy.


  • Features unique (and modifiable) metrics
    From Opportunity scores (how many positions are available in the SERP) to Potential scores (a look at volume, difficulty, opportunity and importance), Keyword Explorer gives users unique insight on which keywords are most ideal. Items like Importance can be custom-entered so that the user can give quick and simple input as to how important a term may be. For example: “Free watch” would likely be far less important than “Luxury Watch.”
  • Import and export functionality
    According to Moz, Keyword Explorer was built to cater to power users. In this vein, data from KWE is able to be imported and exported, so that users can leverage the data in the format that they are most comfortable with.

A handful of other items are also present on KWE, including six custom filters for keyword expansion) and SERP analysis.

All this info got you ready to give it a whirl? Thankfully, Keyword Explorer is a tool of the freemium flavor. Users can access two free searches a day and will require a Moz Pro account for anything more than the two-query number. This is also the first product that users can purchase outside of Moz Pro with two options: a $600/year level for 5,000 reports/month and a $1,800/year for 30,000 reports/month.

Head on over to the official Moz post for a nice video tutorial and more information on Keyword Explorer.