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New Google Now Cards Include Voice-Activated Reminders

Six shiny new cards are coming for Google Now, the assistive app for Android and recently, iOS devices, that offers predictive information tailored to your needs.  The new cards, announced at Google I/O today, are for reminders, music, TV shows, public transit, books and video games.


Reminders is an interactive feature that can be set using voice commands.  Johanna Wright, VP of Search and Assist, gave a live demonstration of a Google Now “Voice Action Reminder”. Using simple voice commands, users can set reminders that then show up and activate in the Google Now interface. Reminders work on times, dates and locations, including home and work.


The cards underscore the integration of Google products that has been a running theme of I/O. Connections to Google voice, maps, Google Play and Google+ are all starting to pop-up in this new refresh of Google Now.