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PostgreSQL vs MySQL

Although, PostgreSQL and MySQL both are very popular relational database management systems (RDBMS) but there are radical differences between them.

Index PostgreSQL MySQL
1) PostgreSQL is more densely featured database system. It is described as an open source version of Oracle. MySQL is known for its fast speed but it is less featured than PostgreSQL.
2) PostgreSQL is popular among the developers who come from the Oracle or SQL Server background. MySQL is popular among the developers because of its fast speed and ease of use.
3) PostgreSQL is a unified database server having a single storage engine. MySQL has a multi-layer structure having a set of storage engines.
4) PostgreSQL is developed with a focus on features and standards. MySQLl is developed with a focus on speed.
5) PostgreSQL is generally used on large and complex operations. It is more reliable on them. MySQLis generally used on simple operations.
6) PostgreSQL provides reliability, data integrity, and developers-friendly features. MySQL is generally used with PHP to deal web pages and optimize simple queries.

PostgreSQL advantages over MySQL

Following are some points that make PostgreSQL more favorable than MySQL:

  • PostgreSQL is very secure, independent, and feature rich open source database.
  • PostgreSQL supports a lot of advance data types like multi-dimensional arrays, user-defined types, etc.
  • PostgreSQL follows the SQL standards very well and also supports for “advanced” SQL stuff like window functions or common table expressions.
  • It provides all performance optimization that are supported in Oracle and SQL Server.
  • PostgreSQL is using by the companies like Amazon, Redshift, Instagram etc.

MySQL advantages over PostgreSQL

Following are some points that make MySQL more favorable than PostgreSQL:

  • MySQL is more popular than PostgreSQL in terms of DB ranking.
  • Getting community support and search answers is easier in MySQL than PostgreSQL.
  • Replication is well implemented in MySQL rather than PostgreSQL.
  • MySQL is using by the companies like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc.