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Structural patterns

Structural design patterns are concerned with how classes and objects can be composed, to form larger structures.

The structural design patterns simplifies the structure by identifying the relationships.

These patterns focus on, how the classes inherit from each other and how they are composed from other classes.

Types of structural design patterns

There are following 7 types of structural design patterns.

  1. Adapter PatternAdapting an interface into another according to client expectation.
  2. Bridge PatternSeparating abstraction (interface) from implementation.
  3. Composite PatternAllowing clients to operate on hierarchy of objects.
  4. Decorator PatternAdding functionality to an object dynamically.
  5. Facade PatternProviding an interface to a set of interfaces.
  6. Flyweight PatternReusing an object by sharing it.
  7. proxy PatternRepresenting another object.