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Study: Google Now Displays Rich Answers For 19.45% Of Queries

Study: Google Now Displays Rich Answers For 19.45% Of Queries

Google’s rich answers have helped settle many a bet (in near-instant fashion), and these insta-answers seem to be cropping up more and more often.

The folks at Stone Temple Consulting performed an in-depth look at 850,000 search queries and found that 19.45% trigger these rich answers.


The study was aimed to uncover these answers, specifically, so the sample size wasn’t randomized. The queries examined were picked as the goal was to try to trigger these queries; the 19.45% display rate isn’t for all searches performed across the web.

The study also includes details on the locations that provide the data leveraged in the rich answer. Of the domains used to power the answers, Stone Temple Consulting reports that more than half used have a domain authority of 60 or less.

The study also covers attribution data uncovered for the rich answers, which is quite fascinating. Only 25% of the queries don’t provide attribution at all. The sector that provides the most attribution was, surprisingly, the lyrics space.

For the full findings and data, head over to the Stone Temple Consulting post.