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Test Your Knowledge Of SEO

Test Your Knowledge Of SEO
So you think you know on-page SEO? Let’s go ahead and put that to the test. Click “Start” to take an SEO Quiz that will evaluate your understanding of a number of different aspects of SEO.

Some key points about the quiz are:

  1. All questions are multiple choice.
  2. There may be some questions in which more than one right answer is provided.
  3. Take care to pick the BEST answer — picking an answer that is technically correct, but not as good an answer as the preferred answer, will still be judged as a wrong answer.

So take the quiz, and let us know what you think and know how you did. Or let us know if you disagree with the answer we’ve suggested is the “right” answer.

Disclaimer: Neither the author nor Third Door Media make any representation that this quiz is a complete test of all aspects of SEO. This quiz has been created and offered to you “for entertainment purposes only.”

Also bear in mind that there is far more to on-page SEO than what these 20 questions cover, but this is a start to evaluating where you stand!

Note: If you’re having problems taking the quiz on your Mac, iPhone or iPad, check out our tips.