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The best news in mobile marketing every Thursday. Google Maps App For iPhone Upgrade Adds Local Icons, Google Contacts & More Countries

Google announced an upgrade to the Google Maps for iPhone app that was originally released in December 2012.

The update is version 1.1 and is available in the App Store as a free update. The changes include improved search for local venues, integration with your contacts and the addition of new countries.

Local Icons

To speed up the local search process, Google has added new local icons. The local icons are for restaurants, coffee shops, bars and other local venues. You can simply tap on one of the icons to find nearby venues that match the category. For example, to find coffee shops, simply click on the coffee cup icon to find local cafes.

Contacts Integration

Google Contacts is now integrated into the iOS version of Google Maps. While signed in, search for a friend’s name and Google will show them as a search suggestion. Then tap their name to see the address, which will visible only to you, on the map.

More Countries

Google has added more countries to the English version of the app. The seven new countries include Bahrain, Egypt, Lebanon, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and UAE. In addition, you can now choose between kilometers and miles in the settings menu.