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Wolfram Alpha Launches Image Identification Search Engine

Wolfram Alpha Launches Image Identification Search Engine

Reverse image search has been something many search engines have been working on for years and years. Google has the ability to upload an image to their image search and it will return results, so do many niche image search engines. Wolfram Alpha launched theirs today at

But their image search identification engine works the Wolfram way but showing you entity data behind what it thinks the image is. Sometimes the results are just amazing and sometimes they make you scratch your head but that is what you’d expect from a reverse image search engine.

You go to and drag and drop the image on the home page:


Then it returns an answer to what it thinks the image is and if it has data on that entity, it will show that information below with a link to see more data at the main Wolfram Alpha search engine.

Here is an example of a good result:


Here is an example of it getting it wrong:


Here is one that is correct but with less data:


Wolfram isn’t stay up to date on the latest tech trends?


But yes, it knows a plane when it sees one:


Thank god it thinks I am human: