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Yahoo Mobile Search Gets AMP Support, Twitter Integration, New Image Search & More

Yahoo Mobile Search Gets AMP Support, Twitter Integration, New Image Search & More

Yahoo has announced new mobile search features, including support for news sites that use AMP (accelerated mobile project), Twitter integration, a new image search experience and fresher and more updated news results.

Yahoo Mobile Is AMP Compatible

With all the big news around Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), Yahoo was quick to support news publishers that leverage the new technology to publish their content on mobile. Yahoo said they will now show news pages published with AMP in the search results and automatically direct users to that experience via Yahoo Search.

Yahoo Mobile Twitter Integration

Yahoo also added top tweets and relevant tweets from Twitter in the mobile search results. Yahoo said based on what is going on in the world, Yahoo Search on mobile will now “connect you to the top tweets related to your celebrity searches right on the results page.”


Yahoo Mobile Image Search For Celebrities

Yahoo said they also updated image search on mobile searches to make it easier and better to find images of your favorite celebrities. You can first find photos of the celebrity, then explore additional photo sets based on trending content that other users have engaged with. Here is a picture of that in action:


Yahoo Mobile With Fresher News Results

Yahoo also updated their news algorithms to show you “the most recent and popular stories up top in the news results stream.” The news results also may show up on the mobile web search results page at the top. Here is a picture: